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1200 years ago, monaka was born from a song about moon reflected on the surface of the water.

Since then, monaka has changed its feature and became nowadays version that put sweet bean paste between crispy mochi wafers 300 years ago.

And now Tsunashi change monaka have special texture by making crystallized sugar layer on the surface of sweet bean paste put between wafers.

mineral-rich blacksugar​

from Okinawa

Noto Dinagon azuki beans​


We offer two types of monaka.

One is Tsubu-an, cooked with Noto Dainagon azuki beans and non-centrifugal sugar, and sandwiched between fragrant roasted wafers.

And the other one is goma-an, knead plenty of roasted sesame seeds into bean paste, and sandwiched between wafers of bamboo charcoal.